A quirky blog somewhere on the web.

Having your “www.fullname.com” blog should normally be the first choice for your professional / company blog.

But you can also think about opening a semi-anonimous blog where to post thoughts and ideas that you don't want to be directly related to yourself.

A place where you can feel to be more free than your official blog.

A place where you can post what you want when you want.

A place that's completely yours.

Disclaimer: please remember that opening a semi-anonimous blog does not mean you are fully anonimous. So please respect the laws and the others.

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I recently read an article that made me reflect on how often we are inclined (myself first) to use sophisticated web services and apps that propose to help us be more productive.

Sometimes alternative solutions are very easy and simple.

The article in question is this and talks about how the author replaced note-taking apps by simply opening a new mailbox used only for this purpose.

This is certainly a creative solution that can actually be interesting for many people that don't need complicated features but only to keep track of their notes on the go.

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Any device that defines itself as “smart” now needs an application to function.

Download our app for your new car. Then download the app for your new smart thermostat. Here is the app for your smartwatch, this one is needed for the smart bulb. You can't miss the application to use your modem / router either.

I'm exaggerating? Not really. We are forced to install on our mobile phones a lot of apps so they will become slow and obsolete within a few months.

Usually everything that is smart needs an application to work, and at the same time often the application is also the only way to install and use the latest gadget bought.

The result? We have to install, configure and update an infinite array of apps of dubious utility, create as many infinite accounts of which we do not even remember the password (unless you make the huge mistake of using the same or a small one of it. variant) with the result of exposing our personal data to cyber attacks, sharing our personal information to unknown third parties (check the permissions of what you have installed on the phone and you will be amazed). .

These applications therefore often become a way to convey advertising, keep us informed of news (are we really sure we want it?) and there is no guarantee of security updates in the long term.

In short, the consumer customer finds himself caught between two fires: if he wants to use the smart object he has just bought, he must use the app otherwise he only has an ornament left.

Think about it the next time you read smart about some item you buy.

Who is smartest? The company that sells it or the gadget you are buying?

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LibreWolf is a “fork” of Mozilla Firefox designed with privacy in mind.

According to their website:

LibreWolf is designed to minimize data collection and telemetry as much as possible. This is achieved through hundreds of privacy/security/performance settings and patches. Intrusive integrated addons including updater, crashreporter, and pocket are removed too.

After using it for some hours I can provide you my personal impressions.

The good

  • it is already tweaked “out of the box” providing best security and privacy;
  • uBlock extension is already included and active;
  • default search engine is DuckDuckGo;
  • it is DeGoogled, Mozilla telemetry is disabled;
  • cookies and site data are deleted by default once the browser is closed;
  • it is based on latest Firefox stable version.

The bad

  • Firefox Sync is removed;
  • Pocket is removed;
  • there is no automatic update, you have to manually download the latest version of the browser;
  • some websites may not work properly due to hard privacy settings;
  • it is basically a tweaked version of Firefox, so you can achieve most of the security and privacy settings just working on Firefox options.


There are a lot of Chromium-clone browsers out there, but not much alternatives to Firefox. LibreWolf is different since it is basically a tweaked Firefox with security and privacy in mind. If you're looking for a second browser you may try LibreWolf. Also people which are not technology enthusiasts or that simply don't want to loose much time changing Firefox settings can give a try to LibreWolf.

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When we think about smart homes we usually look into positive things like controlling lights, temperature, security and connected devices.

But are these smart homes truly smart?

A part from the enthusiasm for technology every smart device has its own app and configuration accounts (not talking about security holes).

A solution may be the new Matter standard, which was born in order to offer:

  • Simplicity;
  • Interoperability;
  • Reliability;
  • Security.

It's hard to say if Matter will solve all actual problems of our smart homes, but probably it will be an important step to the right direction.

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When Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down this week a lot of people didn't know how to keep in touch with others, many were just suffering for not being able to access their favourite social.

Hey! Give me 30 seconds attention, please!

Living without socials is possible.

We always have a smartphone in our pocked or bag, just take it and write an SMS to your loved ones, or simply call them.

At the end a smartphone is a phone, do you remember it?

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With Firefox 93 Mozilla has introduced sponsored suggestions that send your searches to Mozilla. Actually this feature is currently available for a limited number of users in the US only. If you're not willing to offer your search data you can easily disable this feature in “Settings” page of Firefox. An easy how-to guide to do it is here.

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90-year-old actor William Shatner, who played Capitain Kirk in the original Star Trek series, will fly to the space with Jeff Bezos's space travel company Blue Origin.

In fact both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have recently opened a new market: space tourism.

Using a Star Trek iconic actor is surely a marketing idea to promote these new (and exclusive) kind of voyages.

As human beings we're always fascinated by the stars and tourism may lead more interest of the public into space exploration.

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I believe that keeping a blog is like an hobby. You can spend some time writing about things you are interested about. For sure there are people that transformed this hobby into a job (e.g. famous fashion bloggers, travel bloggers etc...) but for most of the bloggers it is just a funny activity.

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Lately I'm listening a lot of audiobooks. I've found this alternative kind of entertaining very suitable for my life.

Thanks to audiobooks I'm able to read more books than in the past.

This is a great achievement for me.

And you? Do you like audiobooks?

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